The DISCOVERY of Delta 10 THC what is all the hype?

Jan 5, 2022 | Delta 10, News, Terpenes

Delta 10 THC is a recently discovered minor cannabinoid.

It’s best described as more energizing, uplifting also capable of enhancing memory and concentration!


Delta refers to the double bond position in the THC chemical structure. Delta 10 has the double bond in the tenth position, while delta 9 has this bond in the ninth position — and so on.

The History of Delta 10 THC

 Delta 10 THC was first discovered in 1984 by Raphael Mechoulam. He published a paper that outlined the synthesis of this molecule — but the method required the use of harsh and toxic chemicals that rendered the final product unusable.

 It wasn’t until recently that It was re-discovered after a farm accidentally ordered a large amount of cannabis biomass contaminated by fire retardants from nearby wildfires in California.

 Unaware of the contamination, the team processed the hemp as usual. They used a method of distillation and recrystallization to isolate the cannabinoids. The group noticed a strange crystal formation in their extract during the process— like nothing they’d ever seen before.

 After running a test to see what chemical they isolated, the scan identified  (CBS) cannabichromene. Still, the crystal formations looked nothing like the previously obtained results while extracting pure CBC.

 It took several months to identify the substance, but it was eventually identified as delta 10 THC with the help of a technology called nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). This technology is used to determine the chemical structure of unknown molecules.

 It turns out the exposure to the fire retardant led to the conversion of delta 9 to delta 10 THC.

 An organic chemist named Josh Jones, Ph.D. set out to find a safer and more reliable method of converting delta 9 THC into the delta 10 isomers using catalysts and a food-grade radical initiator. This was a very innovative idea.

 After trial and error, Josh eventually refined the method that produced a yield of about 70–80% delta 10 THC. There’s currently a patent pending on the process.



 Delta 10 has a multitude of benefits. Various studies have researched that. Studies have found that you can experience euphoria without adverse side effects such as paranoia and anxiety. It is said to help users stay very active and focused. I’ve discovered that It may also stimulate your creativity, making you feel calm and composed. This could also mean delta 10 will be more beneficial for conditions like ADHD, fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, depression, or neurodegenerative disorders than other forms of THC.

 THC contains anti-inflammatory properties, and these properties help reduce pain. Furthermore, THC regulates glutamate, dopamine, and serotonin. These are the main hormones and neurotransmitters involved in regulating your body’s cells. Therefore, small doses of THC help relieve pain.

 Delta 10THC Effects on Our Brain.

 Delta 10 THC binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the endocannabinoid system. These are responsible for regulating fear and anxiety. Delta 10 THC reduces anxiety levels by attaching to the CB1 and CB2 receptors. This makes the hormones and neurotransmitters more available, leading to reduced stress. Cannabinoid receptors, located throughout the body, are part of the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in various physiological processes, including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory. Cannabinoid receptors are a class of cell membrane receptors in the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily.

 When using regular THC, low doses of it will effectively relieve anxiety. High amounts of regular THC will cause stress. Like anything too much of a good thing is not good, Delta 10 THC contains less psychoactive properties.



CB1 and CB2 Receptors


How Can I Take Delta 10? 

The effects vary with how you take it. Gummies can take up to an hour to feel the full effect, and this will depend on how your body metabolizes THC, and the result usually lasts longer than the other methods; Hemp flower that is infused with D-10 will have an immediate impact; also, by smoking the Flower, you will get other benefits depending on the terpene profile (strains) hemp flower is high in CBD with a wealth of benefits as well. You can also use a tincture that you put under the tongue. It, too, has a quick result. Vaping is yet another option; you may have to experiment to see what’s best for you. At Your Sunshine Company (YSC), we are experienced and passionate about what we do. We will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. 





 Delta 10 is made from 100% Hemp extract, which companies can fully legally manufacture, distribute and sell to consumers in the United States. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, ratified and signed into law in December 2018, Cannabis containing less than 0.3% Delta 9-THC is legally classified as Hemp and thus is legal for all intents and purposes under federal law. However, some states have made it illegal, be sure to check your state for the answer.


 The answer is yes! It has yet to be understood from other delta cannabinoids in drug tests. Little is known about how THC delta 10 works with the endocannabinoid system. The theory is that it interacts similarly to Delta 8 and 9, which binds to receptors CB1 and CB2. The presence of THC delta 10 can also promote the entourage effect when you consume it with other compounds such as cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

If you suffer from any medical condition, it is always best to consult your doctor before using delta 10 THC cannabis products. keep in mind that it should not be used if you have high blood pressure.

Things to Consider When Buying Delta 10


  • Quality: This is the most crucial factor you should consider. Given the many benefits of Delta 10 THC, many brands are producing the commodity. And the risk of fake products is on an upswing. Check on the quality of the Delta 10 THC flower. Always ensure that it contains all the properties and works as intended.
  • Strains(Terpenes): There are many cannabis strains; different strains give different effects, for example, strains that are high in myrcene will be helpful with pain management, so it is essential to work with someone that understands Terpenes and can guide you to the strain that will best work for your needs.

Common Terpenes and THEIR effects

There are about 400 known terpenes in cannabis, but experts have only linked a handful of them to specific effects. 

Here are some common terpenes and their potential effects: 

  • Beta-caryophyllene. A significant ingredient in cloves, rosemary, and hops, beta-caryophyllene is beneficial for managing symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Beta-pinene. If you’ve strolled through a coniferous forest, you know the smell of beta-pinene, which could also potentially have both anti-depressant and anti-cancer properties.
  • Humulene. This terpene is found in ginseng, which has long been used in folk medicine for energizing effects.
  • Limonene. One of the most commonly found terpenes, limonene, has distinct citrus notes and anti-cancer properties. In mice, it’s to has anti-anxiety properties.
  • Linalool. Lovers of lavender as aromatherapy may want to seek out cannabis with linalool, which alleviates stress.
  • Myrcene. Found in mangoes, myrcene antifungal, and antibacterial properties and have sedating effects.


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