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Feeling a Little Foggy?

Scientists have found that Lion’s Mane mushrooms can help improve cognitive function, memory, and creativity.

So if you feel like you could use a mental boost, this vegan Mushroom Coffee is perfect.

Our Arabica coffee is grown on an organic farm in the Peruvian highlands. It is combined with Chanterelle mushrooms packed with vitamins and minerals your body craves to elevate the benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom.

What is in the package?

Go Sharp Energizing vegan mushroom coffee with Lion’s Mane & Chanterelle for Learning and Memory (10 servings)
One serving contains:

Organic Coffee – 2200 mg,
Organic Lion’s Mane dual extract – 400 mg
Wild Chanterelle dual extract – 400 mg


Go Sharp – organic instant coffee with Lion’s Mane and Chanterelle
Boost learning and focus

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