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Experience the art of mushroom cultivation with Wunder Grow Bags. Our 2 lbs Mushroom Substrate Blend provides optimal nutrition for your mushrooms’ growth. Cultivate your own fungi haven and witness the enchanting journey from spore to harvest.

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Wunder Grow Bags 2 lbs- Mushroom Substrate Blend

Nurture Fungi Marvels

Embark on a journey of cultivation and wonder with Wunder Grow Bags. This magical blend, weighing 2 lbs, is carefully crafted to provide the perfect environment for your mushrooms to flourish and grow. Nurture your own stunning fungi marvels and witness the captivating lifecycle of these enchanting organisms.

The Art of Mushroom Cultivation

Make sure to elevate your gardening game with the art of mushroom cultivation. Our Mushroom Substrate Blend is carefully formulated to provide optimal nutrition and moisture retention and, as a result, is essential for the healthy growth of your mushrooms. Whether a seasoned cultivator or a beginner, these grow bags offer a seamless way to nurture your fungi haven.

A Bountiful Harvest Awaits

With Wunder Grow Bags, you’re equipped with the tools to bring the enchantment of nature’s wonders into your own space. As a result, Experience the satisfaction of reaping a bountiful harvest of your mushrooms.  From spore to fruition, witness the captivating journey of growth and unlock the secrets of these mystical fungi.

Product Highlights:

2 lbs. Mushroom Substrate Blend for mushroom cultivation
Optimal nutrition and moisture retention
Suitable for beginners and experienced cultivators
Experience the journey of growth
Reap a bountiful harvest of mushrooms

Try This to help Grow your Shrooms!


Creating a convenient, simple, and quality mushroom growing system, the Wunder Mushroom Grow Bags are the perfect way to propel you forward in mushroom cultivation. It’s an all-in-one solution to grow your cubensis mushrooms, and the growing process is straightforward, with just four steps of cultivation.

What are Wunder Mushroom Grow Bags?

Mushroom Grow Bags by Wunder is an all-in-one grow bag that will allow even beginners to grow mushrooms quickly and conveniently. The mushroom growing kit has an all-in-one microbiome vacuum-sealed bag with detailed instructions. With just four simple steps, which include injecting the power of liquid culture, massaging and blending for success, shaking and stimulating growth, and patience and harvest rewards, you’ll enjoy mushroom cultivation at its finest.


Inject The Power of Liquid Culture: With Wunder Grow Bags, kickstart your mushroom growth by injecting 10ml of liquid culture into the bag. This essential step introduces the final spores and establishes the foundation for robust mycelium development.

Massage and Blend for Success: After injecting the liquid culture, gently massage it into the substrate blend within the bag. This ensures the thorough distribution of the cultures and encourages their integration with the nutrient-rich substrate. Allow the magic to merge as the cultures and substrate unite.

Shake and Stimulate Growth: Around two weeks into the growth process, gently shake the bag to break up the mycelium and distribute it more evenly. This helps stimulate further growth and encourages the formation of healthy and abundant mushrooms. Witness the mycelium flourish as you give it a gentle shake.

Patience and Harvest Rewards: Now comes the exciting part! Please place your prepared Wunder Grow Bag in a suitable growing environment and patiently wait for 6-8 weeks from the first injection. During this time, the mycelium will continue to grow and develop, preparing for the emergence of magnificent mushrooms. Once they reach their full potential, it’s time to harvest and savor the fruits of your labor.

Grow Up To 1oz of Fresh Mushrooms
Vacuum Sealed Unicorn Bag
Micron Filter Patch
Self-Healing Injection Port
Nutrient Rich Microbiome
Wunder Grow Proprietary Substrate Blend

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